Modern Technologies in Medicine
and Lifestyle Management
Výstava LIFMAT 2022
Run around your health during one day at one place

8.9.1. day of the event is intended for experts and students of medical and technical faculties.

9.9.2. day will focus on the public, end users and patients.

The exhibition aims to present topics:

  • telemedicine and medical applications
  • wearable electronics - wearable electronics
  • remote care
  • new health services
  • health projects and portals
  • patient organizations
  • increasing physical and mental performance
  • health insurance benefits
  • gamification of health

Stalls where you can physically test something specific (eg have a physiological parameter measured, consult or install a mobile application) will be marked with a special "Action point" tag.

Upon arrival, the visitor will receive a LIFMAT Pass, where he will receive a stamp and a record of the event or measured value at each visited station. Everyone has an account automatically: LIFMAT Pass electronic, which is connected to the LIFMAT App mobile application. Here the participant will find a digital record of all completed measurements and will have the opportunity to train the data flow from various wearables.


Also the mobile application LIFMAT App will be available to be downloaded for the access to your data. In this app, the patient/the user can interconnect the data flow from various wearables (approximately 350 common devices will be supported). The aim is not to monitor the participants for a long time; we are only conference. Our goal is to demonstrate that entering into telemedicine need not be complicated.

Some representatives participated in the exhibition will attend to their interested persons in closable rooms with the reception desk at the entrance. The access then can be regulated and the environment will be suitable for anything ranged from screening examination to signing of the contract.


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